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Delightful shawarma
Shawarma is a classic Middle Eastern dish. It’s a flavorful, delicious meal that will have you coming back for more. Additionally, shawarma can act as a sit-down meal and an on-the-go meal. If you have adequate cooking skills, or even if you are cooking beginner, the recipe for shawarma consists of only a few steps....
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Organic food in a bag from the store in Dallas
Today’s mainstream food is often laden with pesticides and other unknown chemicals. As a result, organic alternatives are cropping up in grocery stores across the world. Rozana Market and Restaurant is a Middle Eastern grocery store that brings a long list of organic foods to Coppell, Texas. These are four benefits of eating organic. More...
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About Us

Rozana is a special type of grocery store, for when the international section of mainstream markets is just not enough! Rozana brings the Middle Eastern norms right here, to Coppell, Texas.